Finding creative solutions to India's waste problem

New Delhi has faced refuse problems for years. Its littered streets, clogged rivers and huge landfills are hard to ignore. 

The video report follows environmentalist Vimlendu Jha through New Delhi as he talks about the scale of the city's waste problem. He is the founder of the social start-up 'Green the Map'. While municipalities struggle to manage the city's huge amounts of trash, a surprisingly large portion of it is handled by informal waste-pickers. They collect pieces from dumps and re-sell them in the busy side streets of Old Delhi. 

'Green the Map’ employs 12 full-time staff of which many are migrants. The project has provided the opportunity for a much needed decent and well-paid job. One employee, a tailor called Tamjeet Ali, is grateful to have escaped a life working in a factory or carrying cement in building projects.

A film by Aditi Rajagopal 



7:21 Minuten


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