Focus on Micronesia: Mapping the Future - Melekeok

Ocean-related events such as tidal waves endanger the lives of people in the coastal areas of Melekeok and resulting in a high level of inland migration. Recently, the Melekeok community engaged in a 3D mapping project to help them visualize resources, infrastructure, natural habitats and community landmarks from a geospatial perspective. Over 70 participants of all ages assisted constructing the 3D map.

A film by Svetlena Kadoi, Chiara Franco, Sheena Henry, Jefferson Thomas.

Special thanks to Chief Ngirkungiil, Magaria Tellei and Eric Mongami.

Produced and edited by Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth of Film Truth Productions as part of a Film Truth Workshops presentation for The Nature Conservancy in partnership with and the Micronesia Conservation Trust.