Focus on Micronesia: Water is Life in Yap

On Yap water is everything to people. It´s the daily essence. So when a drought hit Yap in 2016 the communities on the island faced many challenges.

A film by Bertha M. Reyuw, Anthony Y. Lukagfinay, Lance C. Sulog, Michael L. Ruw, Janice R. Tamangided, Ezekiel R. Kenfathlee, Thomasa Pilyan, Sean G. Kadannged, Thomas Fetan, Jesse Faimaw.

Special thanks to Jonathan W. Thinnifel, Lousia Maria Tinngig, David Y. Marmar and Mary Margaret Laaken.

Produced and edited by Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth of Film Truth Productions as part of a Film Truth Workshops presentation for The Nature Conservancy in partnership with the Tamil Resources Conservation Trust, Yap Community Action Program and the Micronesia Conservation Trust.