Generating Energy from Waste Water and Organic Waste (Waste to Energy) in India

Like many cities in India the city of Nashik is also struggling with citywide waste and wastewater management. there is an urgent need for an integrated approach to solid waste and wastewater management on the one hand and control of GHG emissions on the other hand. Through a public-private partnership the plant is planned to treat biodegradable waste and sceptered generated in the city and generate energy through bio gas for feeding it into the Maharashtra power grid.

The project is reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Indian city of Nashik by using sewage and organic waste to produce energy. One of the intentions of the project is to demonstrate a technical solution that is reproducible and financially feasible in densely populated urban areas and is in harmony with the Indian government’s climate change targets. The demonstration project has brought together a range of actors in Nashik to design, build and operate a plant in which sewage and organic waste undergo anaerobic fermentation, enabling materials to be recovered and energy generated.