Sustainable nature conservation in Kenya

Critically endangered black rhinos roam the grasslands of Kenya's Lewa Wildlife Conservancy alongside lions, elephants and zebras. But that wasn't always the case. The rhinos were once prime targets for poachers who slaughtered the animals for their horns. 

Now they are protected by 123 rangers, surveillance technology and dog units. Most of those involved in their protection come from nearby villages.   

"Communities play a critical role in terms of conservation. Without putting them in the boat, we are not winning in terms of conservation," said Edward Ndiritu, who is head of one of the Lewa's anti-poaching units.

Some 70% of the nature reserve's income supports community programs such as schools, hospitals and micro loans for women. The IUCN has placed Lewa on the "Green List" for its community-based conservation work. 

A film by Thomas Hasel 




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