The Brazilian city pioneering green transport

Cars are considered indispensable in many parts of Brazil, and the country is near the top of the global ranking in traffic fatalities. However, Belo Horizonte in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais is carving a different path. The city of 2.7 million inhabitants has been investing in public transport for years.

In the wake of the pandemic, Belo Horizonte is also expanding its bicycle network to enable residents to cross the entire city from east to west quickly and safely by bike.  

The Santa Tereza neighborhood will also have access to the bike route, and a cycling zone is being created around a central square in the city. The project aims to increase road safety, reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life for urban residents. Many locals are getting involved and embracing the idea of swapping roads for more community spaces.

The traffic-reducing measures are part of the Eco-Zone project in Belo Horizonte, which will also focus on waste disposal and recycling. Ultimately the city wants to save 42 tons of CO2 per year in the future as a result of the project.  

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