The Greening of Armenia

Armenia loves its apricots. The golden fruit appears in many traditional dishes and even adorns the nation's flag. But their production isn't always kind to its fragile agricultural land. The fruit is usually dried using polluting sulfur, but some businesses are discovering the benefits of switching to processes using steam, and seeing sales of their organic fruit soar.

Environmental concerns have been low on the agenda for Armenian companies. But Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) Armenia is helping businesses, from farmers to bakers and factories cut energy use and adopt more eco-friendly practices.

Economically, Armenia has never truly recovered from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Around a million Armenians — a third of the population — have left the country since 1991, and young people are still emigrating in droves in search of better opportunities. The project aims to boost the local economy, create jobs and give people a reason to stay in Armenia.

A film by Claudia Laszczak



05:25 Minutes


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