Emission mitigation and carbon sequestration

Measuring, reporting and verifying

Since the start of international negotiations on climate, representatives of governments and researchers have worked on a system capable of measuring, reporting and verifying measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (measurement, reporting and verification, MRV). MRV describes the monitoring of data provided by mitigation measures and greenhouse gas emissions, the reprocessing of this data into reports and inventories, and their verification as part of an international process.

However, developing MRV systems and applying MRV requirements both represent a major challenge. All countries need to collect the necessary data, for example, while also creating inventories of greenhouse gas emissions, emissions forecasts and economic analyses. These various approaches must now be incorporated into national REDD+ systems.

IKI´s role

Innternational Climate Initiative (IKI) is funding selected projects that help partner nations to plan and implement mitigation measures intended to be MRV compatible. These include South-South partnerships that are developing methods for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and information systems for REDD+ safeguards.

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