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  • India

    Mumbai isn't just home to skyscrapers and slums - thanks to its mangrove forests, it also attracts flamingos and rare bird species. But this biodiversity is under threat from pollution and illegal slum encroachments.

  • Peru

    Corn and goats are the snacks of choice for spectacled bears. But their eating habits are bringing them into conflict with disgruntled farmers in Peru. Some groups there are trying to smooth over bear-human Relations.

  • Russia

    Peat bogs store twice as much carbon as all forests in the world, making their conservation essential for the fight against climate change. A project in Russia is doing even better: it is rewetting bogs.

  • Thailand

    Mangroves were cleared in many places in Thailand to make way for shrimp ponds. But these days, many of these ponds lie idle. An initiative is trying to bring back the mangroves - which would benefit locals as well.

  • Nepal

    Grass, in most forms, is overlooked as part of the fabric of our environment. But up close and deep down, there is rather more to it than meets the eye. In fact, it can be quite heroic.

Global Nature - Protecting the Earth’s Riches - now part of Global Ideas

GLOBAL NATURE is a series of TV reports by Deutsche Welle (DW) covering exemplary projects and measures for conserving biological diversity in emerging economies and developing countries. The television series, which is supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, is continuing under the name 'Global Ideas', the IKI media project with DW on climate protection projects from 2011 to 2013.

Further information:
Global Nature - protecting the Earth's riches
Multimedia Project Global Ideas - Phase II


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Our publications include comprehensive information about the International Climate Initiative as a funding instrument, and about the areas of its support, including priority issues and examples from the field. Other publications are available, dealing with German climate finance and the cross-sectoral commitment to conserving biological diversity.

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