Study | 09/2017

Coupling of pollination services and coffee suitability

Climate change is the main cause of global warming. However little is known about the effects of climate change on plant cultures and their pollinators. The coffee production is examplary concerning this issue because of the large number of people who depend on it.

Press review | 06/2017

Press Review 2/2017

Press Review 2/2017 - International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Environment Ministry (BMUB). The press review is Compiled by the public relations department of the IKI Program Office. The articles selected are contributions from IKI projects as well as internal research.

report | 05/2017

Passenger and Freight Transport Volume of the Compendium on GHG Baselines and Monitoring

The Passenger and Freight Transport Volume offers a guide to existing methodologies for GHG quantification of different types of transport mitigation actions. The Transport Volume is the latest volume of the UNFCCC’s Compendium on GHG Baselines and Monitoring, a multi-stakeholder effort to provide a resource map of methodologies and tools for establishing baselines and monitoring emissions reductions from climate change mitigation actions.

brochure | 05/2017

Ecosystem-based adaptation: Question-based guidance for assessing effectiveness

This booklet sets out guidance for assessing the effectiveness of an ecosystem-based approach to climate change adaptation. It describes a process, based around asking a detailed set of questions, that can be used by project managers and researchers to shape project design, assess the progress of an ongoing project or draw conclusions about the effectiveness of a project that has ended.

briefing | 05/2017

Incentives to save the forest - Financial instruments to drive sustainable land use

Unsustainable farming and logging is behind most tropical deforestation. There are more sustainable methods that address this by using the land more efficiently, reducing deforestation, but farmers, producers and others will not make this switch automatically. This briefing describes how governments and companies can use basic financial instruments to channel greater investment in this area.

report | 05/2017

NAP–Ag Programme highlights 2015–2017

The Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans– Programme (NAP– Ag) is a multi–year initiative (2015–2018) funded by the International Climate Initiative of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The NAP–Ag Programme is supporting countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to identify and integrate climate change adaptation measures into relevant national planning and budgeting processes.

report | 04/2017

IKI Review of Activities 2015-2016

Achieving aims together – Review of activites 2015-2016 for the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Environment Ministry (BMUB).

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