report | 12/2017

Guideline for the transboundary movement of ODS waste

This guideline was developed for National Ozone Units (NOUs) considering the export of ODS for destruction as part of their ODS management. The guideline links the topics of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer with the Basel Convention and provides practical information on how to conduct transboundary movements (TBMs) of ODS waste.

report | 12/2017

Guideline on the manual dismantling of refrigerators and air conditioners

This guideline was elaborated within the global project on management and destruction of ODS banks in close cooperation with the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and its Technical Ozone Unit. The document provides a step-by-step guideline on how to manually dismantle refrigerators and ACs in an environmentally safe manner in countries where manual dismantling takes place. It addresses e-waste management companies and environmental authorities at regional and local level.

report | 12/2017

Low Carbon Development Frameworks - Transition Realism. The implications of rent-seeking to achieve South Africa’s low-carbon technology ambition

This theoretical paper is designed to support policy makers working on pathways and low emissions development strategies, as well as fostering the academic debate . It provides an additional lens and theoretical framework to existing theories of sustainability transitions that seek to understand how low-carbon transitions can happen in an institutional setting of path dependence. A political economy understanding of transitions is more relevant in the context of developing and emerging economy countries that want to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and adopt clean-energy technology solutions.

report | 12/2017

Chewing over consumption-based carbon emissions accounting

Conventional thinking about mitigating climate change is based on strategies to lower carbon emissions arising from production. By exploring the role that increasing consumption plays in driving carbon emissions, consumption-based carbon emissions accounting might provide us with new insights into challenges to and opportunities for driving the shift to a low-carbon economy. Sustainable consumption together with sustainable production patterns are integral to the 2030 global agenda for sustainable development, specifically to Sustainable Development Goal 12. Many countries are already undertaking research into consumption-based carbon emissions, the approach might be particularly useful at a local government level and for businesses, especially along their product supply chain.

brochure | 12/2017

Flora and Fauna Guide of the Ciénaga de La Virgen

The Flora and Fauna Guide of the Ciénaga de La Virgen contains 57 species of dry forest and mangrove, found in the last fragments of these ecosystems in the Unidad Comunera de Gobierno 6 (UCG6). Each species is presented with its general aspects on morphology, distribution and ecology.

Guideline | 12/2017

Trees and adaptation to climate change

How to plant 12 indigenous species of tropical dry forest and mangroves in the Ciénaga de La Virgen? This guide for the distribution of 12 dry and mangrove forests in the Colombian Caribbean is part of the results developed as part of the technical assistance project for the development of ecosystem-based adaptation measures for the restoration of mangroves in the Unidad Comunera de Gobierno 6.

Study | 12/2017

Finance for resilience building and ecosystem-based adaptation in Kenya

This paper compares the strengths and weaknesses between locally and nationally managed funds to support development and climate change initiatives in Isiolo County, Kenya. Using two case studies of the Isiolo County Climate Change Fund (ICCCF) and the Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF), this working paper compares their degree of alignment to development strategies, access to funds by beneficiaries, accountability and transparency measures, the benefits of financial investments, opportunities and challenges.

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