IKU award ceremony; Photo: Kruppa/IKU

German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment (IKU) 2017

The Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) is awarded with its IKI project "Green Banking - Capacity Building for Financing Renewable Energies and Climate Protection" in the category "Climate and Environmental Protection Technology Transfer in Developing and Emerging Countries and in Eastern European States".

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Social Wall for the 10th anniversary of IKI


Celebrate 10 years IKI with us by joining our Twitter Campaign! Share your personal and institutional IKI stories and greetings along with portraits and project images on our Social Media Wall using #10IKI.



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New Publication with a coral reef in the background


Conservation and Sustainable Use of Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources

The Earth's wealth of ecosystems, species and genetic diversity provides the foundation for human life and our wellbeing. This is particularly true of coastal and marine ecosystems, which cover 70% of our Earth's surface.

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Video about the International Climate Initiative

A two and a half minute animated film explains in a short and understandable way in which areas and topics the International Climate Initiative (IKI) is involved.





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The Ping River was part and parcel of the daily lives of Chiang Mai residents; Photo: GIZ


Wastewater Management in Thailand

River health is an indicator for the challenges that a city is facing. Wastewater treatment is not only a key piece of the solution to Thailand’s acute water pollution, but also presents a huge opportunity for greenhouse gas mitigation.

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Shreya Gadepalli and Faela Sufa; Photo: IKI PB


How to become a sustainable transport heaven

Faela Sufa from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) in Indonesia and Shreya Gadepalli from ITDP’s programme in India talk about how transport systems can be transformed to make them sustainable and efficient.

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