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Applying seasonal climate forecasting and innovative insurance solutions to climate risk management in the agriculture sector in SE Asia

As of: June 2019

Objective and activities

This project will develop resilient climate risk management systems, best practices, and insurance products that will shield smallholder farmers and businesses engaged in the coffee, sugar, rice, cassava, and grazing industries across the value chain from physical and financial disaster associated with climate change. It will assist ministries in developing adaptation and risk management strategies. The project goals will be achieved through 5 key comprehensive planned measures:•Participatory workshops and socio-economic surveys to explore cc risks, adaptation challenges, enabling factors and barriers•Targeted seasonal climate forecasts to assist with cc adaptation •Financial risk management tools, including index-based insurance products•Environmentally responsive, climate smart, risk management tools and best management practices•Knowledge-driven national and regional adaptation and risk management strategies, and suitable incentive driven programs and measures.

State of implementation/results

The project has produced two draft reports and submitted three journal articles Reports.

  • Draft reports:
  • "Climate change and climate trends in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Myanmar,"
  • "Agricultural and Parametric Insurance Diagnostic: Literature review. Conducted by Willis Towers Watson."
  • Journal articles:
  • "Byrareddy, Kouadio, Mushtaq, Stone (2019): "Sustainable production of Robusta coffee under a changing climate: A 10-year monitoring of fertiliser management in coffee farms in Vietnam and Indonesia." (Journal of Agricultural Sustainability),
  • Pham, Reardon-Smith, Mushtaq, Cockfield (2019): "The impact of climate change and variability on coffee production: A systematic review." (Climatic Change),
  • Mushtaq, Kath, Maraseni, Henry, and Imbach: "A framework for synergising climate change mitigation and adaptation using agricultural insurance: Implications for land use policy." (Land Use Policy Journal)

Project data

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam

Partner institution(s):
  • Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Viet Nam
  • Ministry of Environment (MoE) - Cambodia
  • Ministry of Finance - Laos
  • International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
  • University of Southern Queensland (USQ) - Australien

BMU grant:
€ 7,977,045.81

04/2018 till 03/2022

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