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As of: January 2018


Objective and activities

The project enhanced the statutory instruments supporting responses to climate change. A particular focus was placed on optimising transboundary water resources management. Project activities gave policy-makers and other relevant players the necessary knowledge about ecosystem-based management methods, and institutionalised coordination mechanisms for water use. Furthermore, the project promoted exchange among policy-makers, technical experts, academia and civil society, and carried out pilot activities which tested climate change adaptation instruments in the water sector. This put target countries in a better position to cope with the adverse effects of climate change and engage in integrated ecosystem management and conservation.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Twenty workshops carried out in 2012 in the pilot regions; topics included climate change, ecosystem-based adaptation and communication strategies. Ten consultation processes with indigenous groups and other interest groups took place. Several informative meetings at ministerial level carried out in participating countries
  • Ecosystem-based adaptation measures were implemented in six demonstration projects in five border areas (bi- and trinational) with five countries.
  • Results presented internationally at a series of events including World Water Week in Stockholm; IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Technical Workshop of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Mexico City; Convention on Transboundary Waters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Training material elaborated and distributed

Project data

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama

Implementing organisation:
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - Switzerland

Partner institution(s):
Central American Integration System (SICA);Central American Integration System (SICA) - Regional Committee for Water Resources (CRRH) - Costa Rica;Central American Integration System (SICA) - Coordination Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in Central America

BMUB grant:
€ 2,513,492.93

06/2010 till 09/2013


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