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Climate resilient site network in the African -Eurasian flyway

As of: October 2018

Objective and activities

The project aims to guide the development of a coherent and climate resili-ent network of protected or otherwise managed areas that are internationally important for the conservation of migratory waterbirds in the African-Eurasian flyway and thus contributes to the implementation of the relevant resolutions of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement. The project will assess the vulnerability of Critical Sites to climate change. It will also promote policy integration at the national level and the implementation of multi-purpose, community-based wetland restoration projects to increase the resilience of both waterbird populations and local communities. The experience gained through the project will be shared with relevant policy frameworks and contracting parties to AEWA, the Ramsar Convention and CBD to inform policy development and practical implementation of existing resolutions.

State of implementation/results

  • Sharing of experiences workshop held from 20 – 24 March 2016 in Kisumu, Kenya. Over 30 attendees from government, NGOs and research institutes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali shared lessons learned and experiences gained in the conservation of wetlands. The workshop was the first opportunity for all of the project partners to meet and initiate action plans.
  • Project launched 11 November 2015 at an event attended by more than 80 participants during the 6th Meeting of Parties for the Africa Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA).
  • Launched animated video at the AEWA event to share the goals and approach of the initiative with a wider audience.

Project data

Ethiopia, Mali

Implementing organisation:
Wetlands International (WI) - Netherlands

Partner institution(s):
  • Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority - Ethiopia
  • Ministry of the Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development - Mali

BMU grant:
€ 3,189,730

10/2015 till 12/2019

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