Energy Subsidy Reform and Delivery Technical Assistance Facility - 13_I+_043 - 768 - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)

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Energy Subsidy Reform and Delivery Technical Assistance Facility

As of: January 2020

Objective and activities

The Multi-Donor Trust Fund of the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), administered by the World Bank, helps expand expertise and resources in emerging and developing countries to drive sustainable energy solutions. In this work, ESMAP is promoting various initiatives, one of which is called the Energy Subsidy Reform and Delivery Technical Assistance Facility. The facility focuses on energy policy reforms in selected partner countries in which subsidies for fossil fuels are to be dismantled. Related measures supported by IKI comprise an initial analysis of the relevant frameworks in the respective target countries as well as tailored technical support based on this analysis. Multisectoral expert teams are disseminating knowledge in the form of studies and training in the areas of energy, industry, social security and poverty reduction, advising the target countries in implementing the associated reforms and preparing examples of good practices to serve as guidance.

Project data

China, Egypt, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen

Implementing organisation:
The World Bank Group

Partner institution(s):
  • Diverse climate change relevant institutions in the respective partner countries/Diverse klimarelevante Institutionen in den entsprechenden Partnerländern

BMU grant:
€ 7,000,000

12/2013 till 12/2020