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Gender Justice in the Climate Debate

As of: December 2019

Objective and activities

The aim of the project was to incorporate the women’s perspective in the climate debate. To this end, the project comprehensively planned and implemented a one-day international conference to be held alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2008 in Poznan, and carried out follow-up actions. The conference brought together female gender and climate experts to exchange ideas and experiences on (gender) justice in climate policy. Discussions focused on strategies for integrating the gender perspective into national and international climate policy. The participants presented their approaches within the framework of the Climate Change Conference and also acted as multipliers in their home countries. Background papers were drafted in various countries in preparation for the event. Activities surrounding the UNFCCC negotiations included the dissemination of the outcomes of the gender conference.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • The incorporation of gender aspects into climate negotiations could be improved; the outcomes were disseminated at side events in Poznan and Bonn
  • The international conference 'Gender Justice in Times of a Changing Climate' lays the foundation for continuous exchange between female gender and climate actors from developing countries and emerging economies
  • Country-specific background analyses carried out to incorporate gender aspects into climate policy in selected countries (Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, Uruguay)
  • Substantial project support in GenderCC's application for the recognition of the 'Woman and Gender NGOs' group at the Climate Change Secretariat

Project data

Implementing organisation:

Partner institution(s):
  • N.N.
  • GenderCC - women for climate justice

BMU grant:
€ 132,500

09/2008 till 07/2009