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Measuring Paris Agreement alignment and financial risk in financial markets

As of: August 2019

Objective and activities

The project responds to the Paris Agreement objective of aligning financial flows with global climate objectives by developing and disseminating 2°C assessment frameworks to at least 100 financial institutions with investments in partner countries and developing an open source framework that can be adopted by other actors. The project will  allow policymakers to measure the 2°C alignment of their capital markets and have access to a reporting framework for domestic market investors. In partnership with investment consultancy Mercer, it complements this 2°C assessment framework by further developing the Mercer climate risk assessment tool. The tool and dissemination activities developed in the course of the project will create the infrastructure to allow investors to measure 2°C alignment for free in partner countries and access climate risk assessments at a low cost, with at least 40 partner country risk assessments offered for free in the project and 100 2°C tests.

State of implementation/results

2ii is participating in the upcoming months at the following key workshops/events:

  • April 10th and 11th. Mexico. Sustainable Finance MX19. Organized by the Mexican Green Finance Committee
  • April 10th and 11th. Egypt. UNEP FI regional roundtable.
  • June 5-6th. China. UNEP FI regional roundtable.

Project data

Implementing organisation:
2° Investing Initiative

BMU grant:
€ 2,806,403

07/2018 till 06/2021