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As of: January 2018

New solar thermal power plant in Ouarzazate under Moroccan solar plan

Objective and activities

The project supports MOR with the implementation of its national energy strategy. As the installation of solar power plants requires considerable financial resources and, in addition, a lack of knowledge and skills hinders Moroccan companies and research institutions to introduce innovative solar technologies, the project will support the government through a close link between the financial and technical cooperation: KfW provides low-interest loans to build solar power plants. The GIZ project supports the development of necessary knowledge and skills in the field of climate-friendly solar technologies (with an emphasis on CSP technologies). The aim is to strengthen the Moroccan public and private sectors in the area of climate-friendly solar technologies. Since the end of 2016, two new working packages add support in the fields of market development and application of RE and EE technologies and supported political decision-making via macro-economic modelling and knowledge exchange.

State of implementation/results

  • Since end of 2015, the first train-the-trainer modules in the sectors of PV, solarthermal, biogas, wind power and energy efficiency are offered, accompanied with further equipping the education center.
  • In March 2017, the project organized a study tour for Moroccan experts to Germany. They were informed on the issue of biomethanisation, a topic of high relevance for, but with low experience in Morocco. At the same time, the Moroccan energy ministry is working on an analysis about the potential for the energetic usage of organic waste, mainly from the agricultural sector.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH; KfW Entwicklungsbank

Partner institution(s):
Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment (MEMEE) - Morocco

BMUB grant:

10/2013 till 09/2018


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