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Protected areas and other area-based conservation measures at the level of local governments

As of: March 2019

Objective and activities

The project aims to increase the number of local governments that manage protected areas and other area-based conservation measures effectively and equitably. Therefore, it focuses on strengthening local level capacities and governance as well as the role of local governments in the effective management of protected areas and other area-based conservation measures within the four countries’ institutional and legal frameworks. Furthermore, benefits and challenges are disseminated at the local, subnational, national and international level. The project will contribute to more effective biodiversity conservation and to a better understanding of the economic values of biodiversity and ecosystem services. As an integral part of the wider landscape, local governments’ protected areas and other area-based conservation measures contribute to ecological connectivity, and thus enhance ecosystems’ adaptation capacities and reduce vulnerability to climate change

State of implementation/results

  • In Brazil, the project is contributing to the upcoming actualisation of the National Strategy for Protected Areas (PNAP)
  • In Ecuador, the project is participating in the development of regulations for the implementation of the Código Orgánico Ambiental (COA), which was adopted in April 2017.

Project data

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Partner institution(s):
  • Ministry of Environment (MINAM) - Peru, Ministry of Environment - Brazil, Ministry of Environment - Ecuador, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) - Colombia
  • ICLEI South America Secretariat - Brazil,International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - Brazil

BMU grant:
€ 4,700,000

12/2016 till 11/2020


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