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As of: January 2018

Reducing emissions in Chile by promoting the use of combined heat and power plants in industry and commerce

Objective and activities

Despite the proven energy-saving potential of combined heat and power generation (CHP), very few CHP plants are currently in operation in Chile. By installing three pilot plants in public hospitals, an IKI project has been able to successfully showcase the practical benefits of the technology. Among other things, this has led the new Chilean Government to prioritise the development of the perceived market for 1-2 GWe CHP plants in its energy programme. However, if CHP is to be used more widely in industry, commerce and publicly owned properties, additional specialist expertise is required, along with an improved regulatory framework, a better-trained local workforce and a major campaign to raise awareness among private and public investors. A CHP reference centre is being initiated and support is being provided in the implementation of CHP projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The experience gained in these projects will be shared with neighbouring countries.

Predeccessor project(s)
Energy Efficiency and Cogeneration in Public Hospitals (Pilot Project)

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Partner institution(s):
Chilean Agency for Energy Efficiency - ACHEE

BMUB grant:
€ 3,800,000

09/2015 till 02/2019


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