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Scaling-up Biodiversity Communication for Achieving Aichi Target 1

As of: November 2019

Objective and activities

WWF, the CBD Secretariat, and other partners aim to contribute to the achievement of Aichi Biodiversity Target 1 by 2020. The goal is to scale-up outreach to up to 1 billion people to inform on the values of biodiversity and to engage individuals in steps they can take. Communication activities will be rolled out extensively globally with particular focus in 10 key countries for WWF’s Earth Hour and UN Days related to biodiversity. The mass communication approach will use online platforms and social media to score at least 3 billion digital impressions. In addition, other communication approaches seek to particularly engage with decision-makers, business and youth audiences and critical target audiences will be addressed at policy-relevant High Level Events. The goal is to highlight the strong inter-dependencies between climate change and biodiversity conservation and thus to leverage synergies in mobilizing the wider public and critical target groups to back actions and impacts.

State of implementation/results

  • At the IPBES-6 conference in Medellin (Colombia), the project "Up-Scaling Biodiversity Communication to Achieve Aichi Goal 1" and its communication campaign was presented and a call for participation in the “Earth Hour”, which took place from the closing day of IPBES-6, was launched.
  • A major WWF media campaign presented a new label for the “Earth Hour” on 24 March 2018 (#connect2earth, The link between climate change and biodiversity was established and the significance of biodiversity for the planet Earth was communicated. For #EarthHour and #connect2earth more than 3.5 billion digital impressions of the # could be counted between January and March 2018, in 33 countries #EarthHour and #connect2earth were trends on Twitter and about 250 celebrities and influencers have called for the protection of nature in connection with the “Earth Hour”.
  • In March 2018, initial surveys were conducted in 10 selected countries using a standardized methodology to determine the current state of awareness of biological diversity prior to the “Earth Hour”-Event 2018.
  • Between May and October 2018, the results of the awareness studies were presented and discussed to various audiences, including the meeting of the Informal Advisory Committee (IAC) of the CBD in Montreal on 10-11 July 2018, the side event "Scaling up Communication for Achieving Aichi Target 1 - Results on Engaging Millions of People" of the 2nd Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI) in Montreal on 9 July 2018 and the UEBT conference in Paris on 19 June 2018
  • 9 UN theme days were used to link them to the #connect2earth communications campaign. For example, there was a collaboration with the Secretariat of the Bonn Convention (Convention on Migratory Species - CMS) on World Migratory Bird Day on 12 May 2018 with the Hashtags: #connect2earth and #WorldMigratoryBirdDay. The CBD Secretariat cooperated on the International Biodiversity Day on 22 May 2018. In addition, 3 theme days were communicated with UN Environment in June: (i) World Environmental Day, (ii) World Oceans Day and (iii) Coral Traingle Day; used hashtags were #connect2earth and #BeatPlasticPollution.

Project data

worldwide, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Vietnam

Implementing organisation:
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Germany

Partner institution(s):
  • Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD) - Canada

BMU grant:
€ 2,699,960

01/2018 till 12/2020