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Scholarship Program Energy Transition for global climate protection

As of: November 2019

Objective and activities

More and more countries begin to decarbonise their energy systems using renewable energies - mainly driven by climate protection and technological development. They are confronted with technical, organisational and economic flexibility requirements, since wind and solar energy require a fundamental change of perspective in the operation of future energy systems. Experts in independent institutes (think tanks) who face the challenges beyond party-political and economic interests play a central role in this process. The training programme is tailored to this group of multipliers and aims at training them to become 'change agents' for the energy transition in their countries. In addition to economic and regulatory competencies, they also need the skills to shape political processes actively and effectively. The contents of the courses are prepared in modules and oriented towards the participants' needs. Experienced employees of Agora Energiewende and partners act as trainers and mentors.

State of implementation/results

  • This project (“EnerTracks“) is made up of the following three training paths, which can be combined or taken individually.
  • 1) Online Modules:
  • The online learning modules offer participants the opportunity to uncover important topics about the energy transformation at their own pace.
  • These courses are designed for all levels and impart knowledge around the political, economical, and technical aspects related to the transformation of energy systems.
  • Currently 170 participants are taking an introductory course to the power sector and power systems.
  • 2) Fellowship programme:
  • The programme makes use of a multi-disciplinary approach on how to tackle climate change and the energy transformation globally through practical lessons, academic training and one-on-one coaching.
  • A small group of six fellows from Argentina, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, and Ukraine has been selected to come to Berlin.
  • 3) Study Tours:
  • A group of 6 participants is invited to join focused study tours and discussions with key German stakeholders in and around Berlin.
  • These activities will allow participants to interact with wind-farm owners, utility companies, and other energy transformation experts to gain first-hand understanding on the energy transformation challenges and solutions faced in Germany.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Agora Energiewende Smart Energy for Europe Plattform gGmbH

Partner institution(s):
  • Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

BMU grant:
€ 1,387,000

08/2018 till 07/2020