Strengthening low-carbon development at the subnational level in Africa and South-East Asia (V-LED) - 15_I_258 - 808 - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)

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Strengthening low-carbon development at the subnational level in Africa and South-East Asia (V-LED)

As of: November 2019

Objective and activities

The project (V-LED) supports the more effective design of local climate policies in Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa and Viet Nam. Low-carbon development at municipal level will help countries achieve their national climate change mitigation goals. To this end, the project is boosting the planning, coordination and implementation capacities of policy makers. It fosters information and knowledge transfer between the national and subnational level through dialogue formats on climate protection issues. In addition, training programmes, studies, and means for facilitating exchange between partner countries at regional level strengthen specialist knowledge and exchange between the stakeholders. The project also advises on integrating elements for emission reductions into municipal development and climate action plans. The project approach is geared towards transferring successful policy approaches and instruments of the German Climate Initiative (NKI) to partner countries.

State of implementation/results

  • Project presented at the COP 21 in Paris and contributed to various international conferences, i.a. "International Conference on Climate Action" (ICCA) in Hanover in October 2015, "Berlin Conference on Global Environmental Change" in 05/2016 (see blog post),
  • Two regional conferences were successfully carried out. In Kulala Lumpur, stakeholders from ten different Asian countries had the chance to exchange experience on political instruments for climate change and adaptation and to discuss the role of cities and local governments in NDC implementation (02/2018). At the second regional conference in South Africa, V-LED stakeholders from South Africa and Kenya came together for 2,5 day retreat to discuss local climate protection and climate finance (04/2018)
  • V-LED published its first scientific article in Elsevier Journal Procedia Engineering: "A common vision among divergent interests: New governance strategies and tools for a sustainable urban transition”
  • South Africa: Kick-off workshop held in June 2015 with the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), attended by other ministries and national and sub-national actors; project advisory committee established; to support research, a pilot training course was initiated on municipal water supply; vertical dialogues conducted in November 2015, February and May 2016; project partner Sustainable Energy Africa published Low Carbon and Sustainable Development Future for South African Cities study in November 2015; round table on the implementation of the South African Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and the role of communities and municipalities in this context held in September 2016; Good Practice Exchange on urban energy scarcity held in October 2016; vertical dialogue on climate and adaptation plans on the local level (05/2017); Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) informs South African local governments about climate protection and sustainable energy via their platform Urban Energy Support. Vertical Dialogue on ‘Financing Local Climate Action in South Africa’ (12/2017). Support for Johannesburg in the integration of climate and sustainability aspects in its integrated development plan.
  • Kenya: Kick-off workshop held in June 2015; six background studies prepared on identifying specific approaches for promoting low-carbon development at sub-national level; vertical dialogue conducted at sub-national level in November 2015; two guidelines for action/training courses on climate governance and a Climate Action Toolkit for developing measures at local level prepared; support provided for civic participation process in April 2016: a civil society organisation received training in order to review and comment on two new laws at district level; video interviews conducted with municipalities in February 2016 in order to incorporate their interests into dialogue events with government representatives; Good Practice Exchange-workshop on climate resilient development in cooperation with the local government of Kwale County, attended by non-government organisations and companies, conducted in September 2016; first train-the-trainer workshop on local climate change projects held in Diani, Kwale in December 2016); training and Good Practice Exchange on the drought in Kenya and water governance as well as good governance in the forest sector held in May 2017. In Kenya, the V-LED series of trainings was successfully completed. Topics were climate protection in the energy sector, the development of mitigation and adaptation projects in coastal regions as well as mainstreaming of climate protection and adaptation in communal, integrated development plans.
  • Philippines: Kick-off workshop and first vertical dialogue held in December 2015, attended by representatives from the national and local government, international donors and non-governmental organisations; second vertical dialogue and workshop to exchange good practices on low-carbon development at sub-national level, with a focus on mitigation at local level through measures in the waste sector conducted in March 2016; dialogue event on local climate action in the new National Urban Development and Housing Framework held in September 2016; a „Mitigation 101“ training series for local and subnational government representatives was conducted; four Train-the-Trainer training were conducted to support local governments in their Local Climate Action Plans; V-LED partner UN-HABITAT Philippines produced an animated video about the role of local governments in the low-carbon development of their countries. Training workshops were carried out on the topic of development of local climate action plans (LCCAPs) (03/2018).
  • Viet Nam: Kick-off workshop held in May 2016; first dialogue event “Low emission development integrated on city development strategy” held in August 2016 in Tam Ky in conjunction with the first meeting of the project advisory committee; the first Good Practice Exchange on low-carbon urban development took place in December 2016; the dialogue “Enhancing Low Emission Development Approaches in the Urban Sector” was held in cooperation with the political partners (06/2017). Training of trainers on the topic “Climate Resilient Low Emission Development in Vietnam” (11/2017).

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Kenya, Philippines, South Africa, Vietnam

Implementing organisation:
adelphi research gemeinnützige GmbH

Partner institution(s):
  • Climate Change Commission (CCC) - Philippines, Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) - South Africa, Ministry of Construction - Viet Nam," Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (MEW&NR) - Kenya"
  • Institute for Law and Environmental Governance (ILEG) - Kenya,OneWorld Group,Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) - South Africa,UN-HABITAT

BMU grant:
€ 2,892,963.12

02/2015 till 01/2019