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The Bonn Challenge Barometer of Progress

As of: January 2020

Objective and activities

The Bonn Challenge, conceived in 2011, is the most important international initiative to restore the world’s deforested and degraded land. Participating governments and jurisdictions set the goal to restore 150 million ha of forest by 2020. With the Bonn Challenge Barometer of Progress, this project helps to develop a yet missing system to monitor the Bonn Challenge’s implementation progress in terms of policy and budget commitments, technical knowledge and on-the-ground progress, and to inform pledgers and partners to accelerate action and address implementation bottlenecks. It is implemented in six pilot countries and on a global scale. Biennial progress reports on lessons-learned in pilot countries and success stories are published online. An outreach campaign assists stakeholders to prepare new commitments and facilitates implementation of on-the-ground action.

State of implementation/results

  • The Bonn Challenge Barometer has been developed and is currently operational in 9 countries --IUCN released the 2nd Bonn Challenge Progress report in June 2019 presenting and analyzing the data collected over 2018.
  • The Barometer protocol is a flexible yet standardised assessment framework developed by IUCN in partnership with the participating countries Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka. The Bonn Challenge Barometer’s protocol (conceptual framework) is now in implementation phase in the six pilot countries. In-depth application of the Barometer in 2018 in five of the six pilot countries, initiation of the piloting in the sixth (Sri Lanka) and rapid application in an additional 12 countries yielded the following results: From the 13 countries reporting on area under restoration, we now know that 43.7 Mha are under restoration transition. This equates to 29% of the total Bonn Challenge target. For the 5 pilot countries participating in this initiative, 89% of pledged hectares are under restoration. This is a total of 27.34 million hectares out of 30 million hectares pledged. For the five countries with in-depth Barometer application, the management of degraded forest lands through silviculture and natural regeneration, and the improvement of agricultural lands through agroforestry, are the predominating FLR strategies (87 %). – See also here:…

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Project data

Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka

Implementing organisation:
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - Switzerland

Partner institution(s):
  • Diverse climate change relevant institutions in the respective partner countries/Diverse klimarelevante Institutionen in den entsprechenden Partnerländern

BMU grant:
€ 2,584,945

10/2016 till 04/2021