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Training of key stakeholders for climate protection in the housing sector

As of: April 2018

Objective and activities

Based on a previous International Climate Initiative project, this project systematically strengthens the capacity and knowledge of policy-makers and relevant officials in Chinese provinces and cities in the fields of energy-saving measures and energy efficient renovations in the building sector. To this end, the project develops training methods, which – as requested by the partners – are primarily designed using German know-how and technology expertise. In addition, the training measures address how the building sector can be included in an emissions trading system, which would then serve as a potential source of financing for energy efficient renovation of buildings. A 'training the trainers' approach used in cooperation with training institutes helps disseminate the expertise beyond the project.

Climate Change Mitigation by Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • In the framework of the project a pool of Chinese trainers for a widespread knowledge transfer was built to ensure the continuation of the project. New interactive methods and action training were introduced.
  • In consultations between all partners training needs in Chinese cities have been identified. New training curricula, materials and formats were designed in cooperation with German experts.
  • More than 1,000 people took part in a series of so called “Road shows” piloted in September 2014 in different Chinese cities.
  • Representatives from the partner ministry MOHURD, decision-makers and other key players visited Germany on study tours in order to familiarise themselves with German experience in low-carbon urban development.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Partner institution:
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development - China
  • Chinese Academy of Governance,Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS),National Academy for Mayors of China (NAMC) - China

BMU grant:
€ 1,950,000

12/2013 till 08/2016


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