Colombia: Getting civil society involved in forest conservation

Man studying a map

Studying maps in a protected area in Colombia; Photo: Tangmar Marmon/GIZ

The Amazon region in South America is characterised by its tropical rainforest, which is home to a fascinating diversity of species. This unique habitat, however, faces a number of threats, including illegal logging and mining, agricultural expansion and infrastructure developments. In Colombia, many projects are already working to conserve and restore forests within the context of the international REDD+ mechanism (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation). In order to better coordinate these different activities, the “Dialogue and Information Platform for the Colombian Amazon” project is establishing an information platform. The project is being implemented in Colombia by the consulting firm Climate Focus and is supported through the International Climate Initiative (IKI) with funding of EUR 760,000 provided by the German Federal Environment Ministry.

The project plans to establish the platform in three main stages. First, an information system will be developed and equipped in order to provide relevant information to policy initiatives, projects and development programmes being carried out by governmental and non-governmental organisations in Colombia’s Amazon region. Second, the different actors will arrange meetings at which they can share information about their activities and so enhance coordination and cooperation. And third, building on the above, support will be provided for the implementation of REDD+ initiatives in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, the project also contributes to conserving biodiversity in the Amazon region.