Commitment to REDD+ Partnership reaffirmed

During a breakfast meeting on the 5th of December, in Doha, Qatar, 27 Ministers and high-level representatives from the REDD+ Partnership countries and stakeholders reaffirmed their commitment to the Partnership, and to continue their efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) during a new period of work. As a signal of its commitment to the continued work of the Partnership, Germany announced its contribution of an additional US$1 million to support the Partnership budget in the coming years.

The REDD+ Partnership is composed of 75 Partner countries, and works with a wide range of stakeholders. Launched at the Oslo Climate and Forest Conference, in May 2010, the Partnership aims to contribute to the global battle against climate change. It serves as an interim, voluntary platform for the Partners to scale up REDD+ actions and finance and, to that end, to take immediate action. This includes improving the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and coordination of REDD+ initiatives and financial instruments, to facilitate among other things knowledge transfer, capacity enhancement, mitigation actions and technology development and transfer.

The German pledges contribute to the commitment of the Federal Environment Ministry in the field of REDD+. The Ministry funds numerous REDD+ projects through its International Climate Initiative (ICI).