Extended deadlines for all IKI Calls

Photo: Adobe Stock/kvdkz

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic had led to uncertainty worldwide. Apart from its intense impact on the health system, we also face a huge challenge due to the travel and mobility restrictions that apply in many countries.

These restrictions already have an impact on the many IKI projects: not only big events like the African Climate Week have been cancelled, but also countless workshops and on-site appointments.

We however appreciate efforts carried out by our partners to hold many of these events virtually - for example, the IKI interface workshops in Mexico and Costa Rica or the Steering Committee of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) partnership. We are also grateful to many dedicated IKI experts who find virtual solutions to carry on with their project goals.

To those who are working on coordinating new project ideas in consortia and are having problems to coordinate the substantial texts:

IKI has extended the deadlines for submission for all open calls by two weeks as follow:

Kindly contact the IKI secretariat if you have any problems to deliver as agreed in relation to your project work due to the current restrictions.