Federal Environment Ministry promotes capacity building for sustainable energy supply

The Federal Environment Ministry is promoting the transfer of knowledge on energy efficiency and renewable energies in developing and newly industrialising countries through its "Transfer Renewable Energy and Efficiency" (TREE) project. At the presentation of the project in Berlin today Michael Müller, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Environment Ministry, commented: "There is a huge need for knowledge transfer and exchange. Support for capacity building is the key element to promote sustainable development and global climate protection."

More than 850 professionals from 14 countries on three continents responded to the call launched by the Berlin-based training centre Renewables Academy (RENAC) and applied for a seminar scholarship. 230 participants were selected and are currently being given an overview of wind power, solar thermal energy and photovoltaics, all forms of bioenergy and geothermal energy. Grid integration of renewables and energy efficiency in buildings, industry and commerce are also part of the programme.

The TREE project is funded through the International Climate Protection Initiative that was launched in 2008. The BMU is thus supporting developing and newly industrialising countries in building a climate-friendly economy, protecting carbon sinks in the large forests of the planet and adapting to the consequences of climate change. An annual 120 million euro are available for international projects. Currently over 100 projects are being supported in about 50 countries. The Climate Protection Initiative is financed with revenues from the auctioning of emission allowances in the framework of the European Emissions Trading Scheme. This innovative financing mechanism underlines Germany's leading role in international climate protection.

Capacity building is also one of the main tasks of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which was initiated by Germany and founded on 26 January 2009. IRENA will be a knowledge platform, pooling expertise from all areas of renewable energies and supporting both industrialised and developing countries in increasing the use of renewables.