Frankfurt School launches frankly.green

Photo: Frankfurt School

frankly.green is a crowdinvesting platform that gives private investors the opportunity to finance green projects and companies in emerging markets – Translight is the campaign of its kind.

Investment instead of donations

Crowdinvesting is a relatively new type of finance that is mostly suited for use by small and medium-sized companies and projects. The concept involves getting a large number of private investors on board – the crowd – who can help to make a difference even by investing only small amounts of capital.

The company’s profitability plays a key role here: the money is invested and investors expect repayment as well as something ‘on top’. In terms of details, the financial instruments issued in crowdinvesting are brokered by platforms such as frankly.green. 

It’s never been so easy to be green

Only projects that meet certain ecological, social and economic criteria are good enough to be hosted on the frankly.green platform. Alongside the asset value that the project needs to offer, the project must also avoid creating any significant negative impacts.

Green investment is not limited to any specific industry, since the potential to protect the environment is present in essentially any sector. Crowdinvestors will find sustainable projects in agriculture, industrials, energy, waste management, etc. on frankly.green. Since the platform can make a considerable difference for emerging markets in particular, the platform is currently hosting projects from Egypt, Ghana, Rwanda and – very soon – Peru.

Anyone can chip in!

Thanks to frankly.green, individuals can make a personal contribution to protecting the climate by investing as little as EUR 100. Nor are there any complicated structures or special purpose vehicles: frankly.green finances local companies directly and believes very strongly in transparency. The platform works as a matchmaker between companies with a green agenda and investors who are interested in an ROI that also helps to protect the environment.

frankly.green has now launched its first crowdinvesting campaign. For almost seven years, Translight Solar has been offering its customers in Ghana a comprehensive range of technical services for the planning, installation and ongoing monitoring of solar power plants. In addition, Translight can also offer its private customers a modern solar leasing model. Translight is now looking for capital to expand its leasing services to two established companies. 

United we stand! 

frankly.green brings together the expertise from the FS-UNEP Collaborating Centres and FS Impact Finance, and is working together with GLS Bank and strategic local partners. frankly.green has been able to acquire Wangara Green Ventures (Ghana), BDO East Africa (Rwanda) and Nexus Analytica (Egypt) as partners. The frankly.green platform gives private investors a unique opportunity to combine impact investing together with sustainable finance.

frankly.green is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is funding the platform via the IKI project ‘Crowdinvesting – an innovative financing mechanism to promote climate investment’.