Green Cooling Initiative launches new website

Website of the Green Cooling Initiative

Website of the Green Cooling Initiative

The Green Cooling Initiative has a new website:
www.green-cooling-initiative.org offers users access to various research instruments and extensive data on the topics of refrigeration and air conditioning. Via a world map, users can access information on a specific country's direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions from this sector or on the number of cooling equipment units in circulation. The website also provides background information on green technologies and markets in different sectors such as mobile air conditioning units or cooling appliances for household use.

In addition, the website has a section on networks where interested organisations, institutions and companies can exchange information. Up to now the site was geared towards participants of a training course for the safe use of natural coolants, which took place in June 2014. However, the interactive features will soon be expanded and made available to other users. Information on these features is available on the website.

The Green Cooling Initiative is supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the coolant industry. It uses three approaches: broader dissemination of natural coolants, raising energy efficiency and promotion of sustainable consumption. The website serves as a centralised instrument to help spread knowledge about technologies and their effects on climate change in order to trigger low-carbon change.