Green energy and climate finance on the curriculum

Photo: RENAC

The first online master programme with focus on Green Energy and Climate Finance was organized by RENAC within the Green Banking Latin America Project in collaboration with Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR). The Green Banking project is financed by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) with the objective of developing capacities in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency financing. This programme is aimed at financial sector professionals in the IKI partner countries Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. 

The Green Banking training courses are also part of the IFC Green Banking Academy (IFC-GBAC) academic offer. This program with its flexible mode of delivery – which allows to study at any time and from any location – allows also full-time employees to participate next to work. 

Study Experience

The Master of Science in Business Management tackles current topics in international management as well as practical issues in global companies. In addition to traditional management skills, students learn new ways of shaping business models and value chains, marketing products and services, new management styles. A modern mix of methodological teaching approaches as well as the integration of practical projects enables students to develop the ability to apply their knowledge to international issues in a creative, solution-based manner.
The Master of Science in Business Management started on 1st October 2020 and runs over the course of 24 months. The distance-learning programme is divided into three sections:

  • Phase 1: Students learn and build upon fundamental concepts, theories and applications of business administration and will develop an essential understanding of management with special emphasis on business finance
  • Phase 2: Through the elective modules, students will specialise in Green Energy and Climate Finance
  • Phase 3: Students focus on their master's thesis

A brief overview of the first year students 

In 2020, during the first intake, 59 candidates applied for scholarships through the Green Banking Latin America programme to participate in the first Master of Business Administration (M.Sc.) with a focus on Green Energy and Climate Finance. From all the applicants 21 (36%) were woman. Applicants represented diverse work sectors. The majority came from project developers and consultants´ fields, followed by commercial and development banks, ministries and NGOs workers. Of the applicants, 20 students were selected to participate in the first round. Almost half (40 %) of the scholarships were awarded to women. A detailed list of the countries represented can be seen in the graph on the right. 

Flexible learning, intensive practical contacts and worldwide networking opportunities 

The M.Sc. Business Management / Digital Business Management is offered 100% online. The programme structure is highly flexible. There are some synchronous sessions in every module but in general, students can study in their own time as all contents are distributed via the online learning platform Moodle. The synchronous sessions normally do not take any longer than 60-90 minutes. Attendance is optional, however, it is recommended that students take part so that they can profit from discussions and interaction with professors and fellow students. All live sessions are recorded.

The programme offers a diverse and frequent professional networking opportunity with important actors from the field. The lectures, experienced practitioners with vast professional networks, offer deep insights into the sector. Furthermore, students have an opportunity to exchange directly with peers from around the world, creating a wonderful networking opportunity. Additionally, during the 3rd semester all students will be invited to participate in a one-week face-to-face training in Berlin, which offers a great opportunity to meet their peers and lecturers personally.


The field of Green Energy & Climate Finance offers a vast spectrum of employment possibilities, as there is a high demand for experts in this field. However, chances of securing a job depend highly on personal professional experience and engagement, the high quality of this study programme and good reputation of RENAC and Berlin School of Economics and Law increase those chances significantly. Therefore, RENAC is happy to announce that after the great success of the first intake of the Master in Business Management (M.Sc.) - Green Energy and Climate Finance within the Green Banking Latin America Project, Renewables Academy (RENAC), in cooperation with the Berlin School of Economics and Law, have arranged a second intake, this time on a student fee basis. Twelve highly qualified professional from different parts of the world have been enrolled and have embarked their journey towards a Master title in the field of Green Energy and Climate Finance. From now on, the Master in Business Management (M.Sc.) - Green Energy and Climate Finance will be offered regularly every year with a starting date on 1 October.