Groundbreaking Sustainable Energy Roadmap for Jamaica launched

wind farm in Jamaica

Wind farm in Jamaica. Picture: Mark Konold, Worldwatch Institute

The Worldwatch Institute has launched its groundbreaking Sustainable Energy Roadmap for Jamaica, a look at the measures that the Jamaican government can take to transition its electricity sector to one that is socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable. The report, Jamaica Sustainable Energy Roadmap: Pathways to an Affordable, Reliable, Low-Emission Electricity System, is the culmination of years of intensive investigation, and has been supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

The report analyses the potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment in Jamaica and discusses the social and economic impacts of alternative energy pathways, concluding that a scenario of high renewable penetration can bring significant savings, greater energy security, gains in competitiveness, and many other important benefits to the country. The Jamaican government has set a nationwide goal of 20 per cent renewable energy use by 2030. The Roadmap can help to realise this goal. ‘I am very confident that the outcome of this project will enable Jamaica to map, in more precise ways, the additional electricity generation capacity that we seek,’ emphasises Jamaican Energy Minister Philip Paulwell. Increased usage of renewable energies would not only lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but also to a drop in energy costs, which are currently very high. This would directly benefit the people and the country’s economic development. 

Download Sustainable Energy Roadmap (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Since the beginning of the IKI project, the Worldwatch Institute has been working closely together with all key interest groups, in particular local grid operators, the Ministry of Finance, representatives of the private finance sector, and parliamentarians. These groups exercise a decisive influence over the Roadmap’s implementation and can therefore guarantee the project’s long-term impact.

The IKI project is also working to develop similar roadmaps for expanding renewable energies in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Worldwatch Institute will hand over these roadmaps to the respective governments in the coming months.