Homeschooling with IKI - learning pack "Protecting wild animal habitats"

Photo: Deutsche Welle

Whether on land, in the air or in the water, humans negatively impact virtually every habitat on Earth. The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) warns that we are currently on course to lose around a million animal and plant species in the coming decades. And that is a conservative estimate given that experts still don't know how many species actually live on the planet. Many millions remain hidden in the depths of the ocean and expanse of the rainforest. 

Conservation in the classroom 

Learning pack #8 "Protecting wild animal habitats" offers clearly explained insights into species conservation. Whether climate change, loss of rainforest, poaching, invasive species, plastic pollution or tourism, we reveal the key threats posed to wildlife. Participants learn about endangered species both worldwide and in their own region and find out what they can do to help animals in need. One focus of this learning pack is wildlife and breeding stations.

Multimedia learning pack for children and young people

The learning pack is for children and young people aged between 12 and 16 years. It can be used in school lessons or in other groups. The modules can also be used and explored individually.

Learning pack #8 includes:

  • 1 quiz with 16 picture cards 
  • 1 booklet for teachers (for classroom teaching) 
  • 1 interactive workbook for participants (for distance learning) 
  • 7 films and 4 articles (links to all the reports can be found in the learning booklet and workbook)   

The pack is available for download in German, English and Spanish

Global Ideas – the Deutsche Welle learning packs

The teaching material "Protecting wild animal habitats" is the eighth of ten learning packs that deal with key issues of climate and environmental protection. Created by the Global Ideas team of Deutsche Welle, the series will run until 2022. The project is funded by International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Launched in May 2017, the multimedia reportage project aims at getting children and young people interested in climate action and biodiversity. The topics are presented in an understandable way, multimedia-based, target-oriented and exciting.