IKI film goes online

Screenshot landscape and film credits

Frameshot from "Funding the Future". Photo: IKI/BMUB

BMUB's International Climate Initiative (IKI) presents itself with its own film at the German Pavilion at the COP21 in Paris. 'Funding the Future' (5.5 min.) talks about the successful work of IKI. It shows impressive images and provides information with an emphasis on the most important numbers and figures, while also offering a platform for different project partners. Practice examples from different countries outline how IKI contributes to mitigate emissions and to provide support to adapt to negative impacts of climate change.

The German Federal Minister for the Environment, Dr Barbara Hendricks, talks about the challenges, climate change poses for all countries and Germany's contribution towards the 2-degree target: “As industrialized nations, we’ve promised to provide 100 billion dollars annually – every year – from 2020 onwards to help countries in the South cope with the challenges. That’s an important measure for building trust.”

Representatives of the 'El Totoral' Wind Park in Chile talk about their efforts to change the energy system to renewable energies. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo sustainable forestry management is in the center of another IKI funded project and the Pacific Island State of Kiribati works together with IKI to adapt to climate change.

'Funding the Future' was made in collaboration with Deutsche Welle.