IKI launches international request for proposals

IKI funding areas; Photo: IKI

IKI funding areas; Photo: IKI

The International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Environment Ministry (BMU) launched its new request for proposals in which programmes are sought that implement activities in Colombia, Mexico or the Philippines. The focus is on comprehensive, large-scale programmes with a duration of up to seven years.

Following the Paris climate agreement adopted in 2015, the implementation of the climate targets set at that time are now to be pursued at an international level. With this so-called country-specific selection procedure, the BMU underlines the importance of bilateral cooperation with the three countries selected. Prior to launching the competition, discussions were held with government representatives of these partner countries in order to consider as many issues on climate and biodiversity protection as possible, which are of particular importance for the country and should be included in the competition of ideas. Information on all three countries has been compiled and is available on the IKI website.

Applications for the competition can be submitted until the end of September 2018. A selection will be made together with the partner ministries. Non-governmental organisations, commercial enterprises, universities and research institutions from Germany and abroad are invited to participate. Calls for further selected countries are to follow this year.

Since its establishment, the IKI has launched more than 600 climate and biodiversity projects. The total project volume from 2008 to the end of 2017 amounts to 2.7 billion euros.