IKI media project in India a success


Scene from the short film ‘Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services’. Photo: CMPA

Media science students in Mumbai have produced several films on coastal and marine protected areas in the context of an International Climate Initiative (IKI) project. The IKI project Sustainable management of coastal and marine protected areas  is working closely together with three media science institutions which are developing a special programme for bachelor and master students.
The courses are based on a curriculum specially focused on communication about coastal and marine biodiversity. In preparation for the courses, media trainers received subject-related training and a variety of working materials. In the course of the media classes, the students work in groups to produce diverse media material including short films, documentaries, campaigns and blogs. The students focus on topics such as the ecological footprint or services that ecosystems provide to people. Scientific staff support and advise the students, while external experts teach them about coastal and marine topics. For the past two years, courses have been taught effectively using the developed curriculum.
The German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) is supporting the project with EUR 9.6 million through IKI. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is implementing the project locally in India. Other partners of the media course include the Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) at St Xavier College in Mumbai, the St Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE) in Mumbai, and the Mass Media Department at Gujarat University.


Here you will find the produced short films:

Indigenous Peoples' Adaptation to Climate Change
Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services
Media Reporting on Coasts
Ecological Footprint