IKI Review of Activities published

Drawing from Review of Activities: Photo: BMUB IKI

Drawing from Review of Activities: Photo: BMUB IKI

"Funding the Future - Review of Activities of the International Climate Initiative from 2008 to 2014". BMUB's brochure provides a comprehensive overview of IKI's successes of recent years. Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks emphasises in her foreword: 'The IKI draws on a wide array of strategies. Through this programme, the Federal Environment Ministry funds practical cooperation with developing countries and emerging economies to protect the climate and conserve biological diversity.'

IKI's four funding areas 'climate change mitigation', 'adaptation to the consequences of climate change', 'conservation of natural carbon sinks', and 'protection of biodiversity' are presented. Numbers and figures highlight the funding volumes that have been invested into those four funding areas as well as into the different regions.

A variety of projects is presented - as examples of IKI's engagement since 2008 -where several important countries were supported in crucial ways: These include restoring old ponds in the Himalayas, delivering advisory services for climate change policy in Mexico, protecting the last cloud forests in Ethiopia, supporting a solar power plant in Morocco, and promoting energy efficiency measures in Kyrgyzstan.

The publication demonstrates the innovative role IKI plays within the international climate arena as well as its multifaceted scope.