IKI World Café - Strategic Exchange & Informal Networking

Photo: ZUG

On 8 November, over 30 decision makers and implementers of international projects that fight climate change came together in Glasgow at the IKI Word Café, an event hosted by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU). Participants included representatives from multilateral institutions, non-governmental organisations, development agencies and the private sector.

The participants discussed three topics, which are of high relevance for ongoing and future projects funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI):

  • Private sector participation: Leveraging private capital and including private sector knowledge as a key strategy for IKI projects. Participants discussed how IKI projects could incentivise the private sector to drive Green Transformation.
  • Upscaling: It is a key objective of all IKI-projects to transfer proven approaches at a higher scale, e.g. by replicating them to other regions or countries. Therefore, participants discussed positive framework conditions and hindrances for upscaling.
  • Gender: Transforming society will not work without addressing gender inequality. Participants exchanged on how IKI projects can be more effective and more sustainable by actively integrating gender in its concept.

After the exchange on the three topics, the participants continued their discussions at a reception and used the evening to network across national borders.


Download event flyer.