Interactive Webinar Series at 'AdaptationCommunity.net'

AdaptationCommunity.net is a virtual, interactive platform that members of the climate adaptation community can use to share their experiences and knowledge in the area of 'methods of adaptation'. It was developed by the project 'Inventory of methods for climate adaptation', which is funded by the International Climate Initiative (ICI) of the German Environment Ministry (BMU).

AdaptationCommunity.net complements 'ci:grasp' (Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform), which provides access to climate impact information in an interactive environment. Unlike ci:grasp, AdaptationCommunity.net focuses on adaptation methods and their implementation. The interactive platform attracts a wide variety of users, and a community of practice has formed that includes representatives from seven partner countries, local, national and international actors, and other interested parties. AdaptationCommunity.net is freely available to the public and extremely user-friendly.

In March 2013, a new virtual exchange format was launched. In a series of weekly webinars (web-based seminars), experts and adaptation professionals discuss and present concepts, experiences and practical examples from the field. The webinars look at a different aspect of adaptation each month; the focus of the March series was on 'Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in Adaptation'.

So far the discussions have attracted a wide variety of participants, including government representatives from South Africa, Tunisia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico, and representatives of international organisations such as the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI). With 150 participants from over 15 countries taking part in the first webinar series, it is clear that interest in the topic is currently very high.

April's webinar series focuses on 'Climate information and services'. In this area, participants are discussing a large number of practical examples from the field that show how countries are rising to the difficult challenge of making effective use of climate information. In May 2013, the focus will shift to 'Mainstreaming adaptation'.

Alongside webinars and discussions, AdaptationCommunity.net also provides in-depth access to a wide variety of practical knowledge and experience relating to adaptation methods, as well as studies and guidelines on implementing specific adaptation measures. The 'inventory of methods' is organised into the categories of 'Climate information and services', 'Vulnerability assessment', 'Mainstreaming' and 'Monitoring and evaluation'. A password-protected space offers a number of interactive options for members of the adaptation community to engage in peer-to-peer exchange, and to contact experts directly.