Launch of the IKI Peru Website

Photo: GIZ

During the third IKI interface workshop Peru on March 16th 2021, the IKI Peru website has been launched. This digital platform holds information in Spanish about all 46 bilateral, regional and global projects.

The platform represents a renewal and a breakthrough in the field of digitalisation and ICTs  in Peru, as its content will be updated in real time and will contribute to the exchange of information and knowledge management among all IKI Peru projects. 

It is managed by the IKI interface project "NDC: Support to the implementation of the National Climate Change Strategy” and aims to inform readers about news, publications and events related to IKI projects in Peru as well as new developments in Peruvian climate and biodiversity policy. In addition, an Intranet will be available for in-depth exchange between IKI projects.

Interface workshop focused on the challenges due to the pandemic 

Approximately 90 representatives of 26 IKI projects, including implementers and Peruvian counterparts, attended the IKI interface workshop. This year’s event focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and related implementing challenges for the IKI-projects. Eighteen IKI projects shared videos on how they faced the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and discussed their challenges and lessons learned.

This panel was led by Cristina Rodríguez (MINAM), José Álvarez (MINAM), Stephan Contius (BMU) and Dr Philipp Behrens (BMU).