Learning pack – why are pollinators endangered?

Learning pack - Pollinators under threat

Learning at home or at school - with the learning pack "Pollinators under threat". Photo: Deutsche Welle

Spring is here again! As more plants flower, bees and other pollinators are visiting them in a flurry of insect activity. However, the Corona virus pandemic has resulted in many children and young people being at home and not in school; thus presenting an ideal learning opportunity using the multimedia learning pack, “Pollinators under threat”.

All over the world, an increasing number of animals and insects that pollinate agricultural and cultivated plants are disappearing. This not only threatens biodiversity, it endangers our food security. As insects form the largest group of pollinators and are the food base for many larger animals such as birds and fish, they are missing from two vital scenarios.

Intensive agriculture, climate change and urban sprawl are some of the causes that are attributed to the decline of bees, flies, butterflies and other insects. The question is,why are they in danger and what can we do to protect them? The answers to these questions and more are in “Pollinators under threat”, a multimedia learning pack from Deutsche Welle.

Multimedia learning pack for children and young people

The learning pack is for children and young people aged between 12 and 16 years. It can be used in school lessons or in other groups. The modules can also be used and explored individually.

The learning pack is available in German, English and Spanish.

The learning package “Pollinators under threat” includes

  • a learning booklet with worksheets and explanatory handouts;
  • twelve quiz cards;
  • four videos; and
  • four articles.

The pack is available for download in German, English and Spanish. In limited numbers, the materials can also be ordered, by Emailing the Global Ideas team: globalideas[at]dw.com

Global Ideas – the Deutsche Welle learning packs

The teaching material “Pollinators under threat” is the fifth of ten learning packs that deal with key issues of climate and environmental protection. Created by the Global Ideas team of Deutsche Welle, the series will run until 2022. The project is funded by International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Launched in May 2017, the multimedia reportage project aims at getting children and young people interested in climate protection and biodiversity. The topics are presented in an understandable way, multimedia-based, target-oriented and exciting.

The sixth learning package will address the topic "drinking water" and is expected to be published in the 3rd quarter of 2020.