Mexico’s sun helps with cheese production

Cheese factory in Arandas, Mexico; Photo: Wolfgang Bernert/Deutsche Welle

Cheese factory in Arandas, Mexico; Photo: Wolfgang Bernert/Deutsche Welle

Heat is needed for many industrial processes – and this of course requires large amounts of energy. It seems logical to use solar energy for this purpose, especially in countries like Mexico, where many hours of sunshine can be expected every day.

Global heat demand in industry; Picture: IKI project Solar-Payback

Although the solar thermal energy industry is starting to gain a foothold in Mexico, however, only few companies are experienced in the production and use of solar energy – and many are reluctant to exploit this form of renewable energy for themselves.

This is where the IKI project, “Climate protection in the industrial sector through solar process heat - Solarpayback“. In Mexico and three other countries, the project shows industrial companies the advantages of solar thermal energy and teaches the technical know-how to spread the use of solar thermal systems – because the technology helps to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

4 reasons for solar heat; Picture: IKI project Solar-Payback

The Mexican cheese factory Lacteos Mojica is one of several companies that have already been convinced by the new technology. The cheese dairy uses the heat generated by solar thermal energy to heat 8000 litres of water per day to operating temperature. With 40 tons of cheese produced each week, this pays off for the company and the environment, as solar energy greatly reduces the need for fossil natural gas.

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