New Biodiversity & REDD+ internet platform

With funding support from the International Climate Initiative (ICI), Forest Carbon Asia and SNV Netherlands Development Organization have jointly launched the Biodiversity & REDD+ Platform. This platform is dedicated to bringing comprehensive reviews and latest updates on REDD+ biodiversity-related issues, and links to technical expertise and resources to build more informed biodiversity-friendly REDD+ policies and implementation across Asia.

By reporting on the risks and raising awareness about the positive measures taken to conserve biodiversity as parts of international, national and sub-national REDD+ activities, standards and safeguards; FCA and SNV seek to ensure that the new REDD+ mechanism contributes to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

The first Biodiversity & REDD+ Brief "Commitments and options for safeguarding biodiversity in REDD+" (FCA-SNV BioREDD Brief No.1) outlines the international commitments to biodiversity in REDD+, the risks and opportunities, and international and national options for promoting biodiversity in REDD+.