New IKI design launched

Funding programmes also need to change in order to match the pace of international climate and biodiversity policymaking. Accordingly, IKI evaluates its own practices at regular intervals and adjusts these to accommodate global decision-making from the international community. Over the last few years, IKI has developed a series of innovative funding instruments, and will be working to adapt thematic calls (among other aspects) to better match the rhythm of global climate change and biodiversity conferences.

The new IKI corporate design also reflects the contextual changes that have been introduced. The logo symbolically includes the earth as a reference to IKI’s global approach and reach. The multiple layers in the logo demonstrate IKI’s multifaceted worldwide support as well as the broad range of topics addressed. The new colour palette with more subdued and natural hues represents the efforts made by IKI to counter global warming and the loss of biological diversity. This has been the remit for IKI and its partners around the world since its formation in 2008.

The new logo will be provided separately to all IKI implementing organisations by Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG). Should any questions arise beforehand, please contact the IKI communications team directly at communications(at)z-u-g.org.