Registration start for the 2015 SEED Awards

Group of people emptying a sports bag sitting between them

Picture: SEED

The international SEED Initiative has called on start-ups to enter their environmentally and socially sound business models for the 2015 SEED Award. The deadline for registration is the end of March.

Each year, the renowned SEED Awards are presented to exceptional start-ups in the area of sustainable development. These projects are usually still under development and are awarded for their entrepreneurship and their commitment to social and environmental issues.

The Low-Carbon Awards presented in 2013 and 2014 were financed with funding from the International Climate Initiative (IKI). It is planned in 2015 to provide Low-Carbon Award winners of previous years with additional IKI funds in order to implement their business plans. This exceptional support is aimed at efforts for upscaling successful business models. Furthermore, IKI is supporting previous SEED winners in finding potential investors for their business ideas.

The SEED awards are being presented in 2015 for the tenth time. To date, 175 winners from 37 countries have received awards. Each prize winner receives USD 5,000.

The SEED Initiative was founded following a proposal from BMUB. Apart from BMUB, the Initiative has acquired diverse partners since its inception, including several UN organisations, ministries of various countries, the European Commission, Conservation International and the South African Independent Development Trust. The SEED Initiative has been hosted by Adelphi Research in Berlin since April 2013.