Smart Energy Concepts Chile is now official

Two women and two men posing for the camera

Diego Lizana (Executive Director of AChEE), Cornelia Sonnenberg (Chief Executive Officer of AHK Chile), Juan Pablo Payero (Head of Industry and Mining Area at AChEE) Photo: Iris Wunderlich (project manager), ©AchEE/AHK Chile

The German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Chile) and the Chilean Agency for Energy Efficiency (AChEE) signed an agreement to implement energy efficiency projects.

On August 25, AHK Chile and AChEE signed an agreement for the project 'Smart Energy Concepts Chile' that is supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB). Both institutions have agreed to cooperate in developing an energy strategy in the agricultural and food sector that aims to show the opportunities and standards the field offers for realising concrete energy efficiency projects.

Export plays a major role in the agricultural and food sector in Chile, which on the one hand must compete with international markets that can operate with lower energy and labour costs. However, on the other hand, it must also be able to cope with consumer demand to supply goods produced in a more sustainable and energy-conserving manner.
Costs and energy consumption can be reduced by implementing green technologies and processes. Lower energy consumption also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and thus facilitates more sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

AHK Chile and AChEE have agreed to pool their existing knowledge and networks and contribute to basic and further training within the sector. To achieve this, for example, they are to organise seminars, to which they will invite international experts and other guests. In addition to training, the agreement has laid the foundation for an implementation competition. The competition aims to facilitate support and cofinancing for concrete projects.