Strategy for the next phase of Climate Finance Readiness

GCF Workshop

GCF workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: UNEP

The UN Environment/United Nations Development Programme /World Resource Institute Readiness Programme, GIZ’s Climate Finance Readiness Programme, and the GCF Secretariat jointly organized a delivery partners workshop at the end of 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The workshop created an opportunity to discuss lessons learnt results and tools of the two German funded pilot readiness programmes and take stock of readiness globally. The event brought together the GCF Readiness Community; with participants from both national and international entities, along with representatives of the GCF Secretariat.

Support countries on NDC implementation

During the workshop, the GCF Secretariat shared their plans and agenda for the Readiness programme. These included a reorientation towards a holistic and strategic approach to readiness and supporting countries on NDC implementation. They also expounded on the multi-country, multi-year readiness proposals to be initiated in 2020, and affirmed their commitment to provide readiness support and continue engagement with delivery partners.

They further highlighted on the GCF’s goals of enhanced knowledge management and sharing, leveraging strategic partnerships for enhanced implementation and with the aim to realign readiness delivery to be output focused rather than input based.

For more information kindly read the Workshop report capturing the essence of these discussions and GCF Readiness Programme Guidebook, available online. More comprehensive annual report of the GCF’s Readiness Programme will be made available for the 25th GCF Board meeting in March 2020.

Presentations made by the GCF Secretariat and other delivery partners are also available for download.