Sustainable energy in focus – photo exhibition on energy projects

African woman cooking outside on a stove

Picture: Magnum Photos/Dominic Nahr

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) joined forces with renowned photography agency Magnum Photos to develop a media campaign for the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. Three UNEP projects aimed at finding solutions for a sustainable energy supply were selected, visited by Magnum photographers and captured in pictures. This also includes a project that is supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) as part of the African Carbon Asset Development (ACAD) programme. In cooperation with African financing institutions, the ACAD programme supports climate-friendly initiatives in southern Africa, such as the Nafa Naana project, which was selected for the photo series. This project works towards disseminating fuel-efficient cooking stoves in low-income rural areas of Burkina Faso. These stoves offer many advantages: they reduce dependence on firewood, the destruction of forests, and air pollution in buildings and the resulting health risks. Furthermore, women and children have to spend less time gathering wood, and producing the stoves locally promotes the development of new skills and businesses.

UNEP presented the fascinating photo series created by Magnum in an exhibition and as a video during the climate change negotiations in Warsaw. In addition, all photo series are being shown until mid-December 2013 in the UN Headquarters in New York.

Video "Fuel-efficient stoves in Burkina Faso"